Butler's Organic Eggs
October 2020
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Good Food Ireland

Butler’s Organic Eggs approved to Good Food Ireland

We are delight to announce that Butler’s Organic Eggs have been approved to Good Food Ireland who are the only all-island standard, highlighting and directing consumers to premium Irish ingredient-led food and drink experiences.  Only those businesses that meet the highest standards, through a strict selection process can join the Good Food Ireland Collection.

“It is an honour to be accepted to the Good Food Ireland team. We work hard to ensure we have the best welfare for our birds and produce a quality organic egg. The organic production method is by far the best way to produce eggs. Our organic birds are free ranging across beautiful organic Carlow pasture all day and then head into their spacious sheds with ample space, scratch area and an on demand supply of specialised organic feed and water from our own well. Organic flocks are smaller in size than free range, therefore their space both indoor and outdoor is much bigger than all other production methods. Best of all organic is the only production method that does not use pesticides or chemicals. It’s better for the birds, better for the environment and better for our customers” comments David Butler.

Good Food Ireland® was established in 2006 and is today the Trustmark for best-in-class food & drink of the island of Ireland, a network of like-minded people and places carefully chosen for their passionate commitment to using Irish ingredients, supporting local farmers, food producers and fishermen.