August 2020
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Charlo the Chef's praise of Butler's Organic Eggs

Great praise from celebrity chef “Charlo the Chef” on Ireland AM for Butler’s Organic Eggs

We were very excited to have celebrity chef Karl Clarke aka “Charlo the Chef” use Butler’s organic eggs on Virgin Media’s Ireland AM cookery demonstration. Charlo the Chef had the height of praise for the “fantastic Butler’s organic eggs” as he prepared a brunch/breakfast dish “Avacado & Bacon egg Cups” on the popular show. “Butler’s organic eggs are just a fantastic product, they are food heroes, artisans and hens are living the life!” commented Charlo.

Organic eggs are the highest quality eggs you can use. They are free from chemicals and animal welfare is top class in comparison to all other production methods including free range. Our organic birds are out and about free ranging all day on organic pasture (no nasty sprays) and our birds have an on demand supply of fresh water and a special blended organic feed.