June 2020
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Neighbourhood Tinahely takes deliver of Butler's Organic Eggs

How it’s all going on Butler’s Organic Egg Farm!

How it’s all going? Well organic egg sales are through the roof and we were very relieved that our business could keep operating through lock down and restrictions. For our happy hens, nothing has changed. They are pecking away outside all day and have plenty of room inside the rest of the time. The problem for us is our orders have doubled but our happy hens are laying the same amount of organic eggs!

We have been planning an expansion to our business over the last year to slowly increase production ensuring we keep using the same high standards that come with organic production. It is brilliant to see our brand recognised and to get the high recognition for excellent quality food we produce. We were worried we may not be able to source our usual organic feed but that hasn’t been a problem. However, we did get notice that egg boxes were in short supply. As Henry Ford once said “Any customer can have a car painted any colour they want as long as it’s black”. We were told we can have any egg box we want as long as it is grey! Our distinct green box has ran out and now a regular grey one is on the shelf, however, customers will know (we hope) that the same great tasting, healthier, organic egg is in the box.

Noel 9 and Kate 8 have embraced their time at home and we have to say are not missing school at all. They take it in turns to make a 6.30am start for deliveries every Thursday morning. They love getting out to meet the fantastic staff in all the stores we deliver to (pocketing sweets and money from very kind staff) and filling in the docket book and spending time with daddy!

In other news, the hens got a new trampoline as they love a safe space to run to if there is noise or any form of disturbance. Saves them running the whole way back into their house. We are also working on a new brand for our boxes and van. Watch this space for more info!

We are very excited about the future and our plans for expansion but what is most important is the welfare of our organic birds and producing top quality organic eggs.¬†Thanks to all of our lovely loyal customers for choosing a Butler’s Organic Egg.

From David, Paula, Noel & Kate